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Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is the Natural Way to Prevent Unsightly Stretch Marks

I am 40 years old and I didn't believe that Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention would work with me
Stretch Marks Getting Under Your Skin?

Stretch Marks Getting Under Your Skin?

     (CBS)  Roughly 80 percent of Americans have stretch marks.
They aren't dangerous, but they can be unsightly, and many people want to get rid of them especially with summer not far off.
     Dr. Jeanine Downie,dermatologist, visited The Early Show to talk about what we can do to prevent and treat stretch marks.
She says that, with some precautions and interventions some topical and some by laser stretch marks can be minimized. The treatments include creams and lotions some over-the-counter, some by prescription and, if those don't work, the laser procedures.
It's really scar tissue in the second layer of skin. It happens because of sudden weight gain, hormonal changes in teens or in pregnancy, and sometimes because of topical steroid use for things such as psoriasis and excema.
     Adolescent growth spurt
     Rapid muscle growth
     Topical steroids used to treat such conditions as exema and psoriasis
     Men can get them from muscle growth.
Stretch Marks, One of The Top Causes for Insecurity in Women

Stretch Marks, One of The Top Causes for Insecurity in Women

     Several studies have shown that stretch marks are among the top five causes for insecurity in women. During pregnancy, women are at an elevated risk for developing stretch marks, also called striae, because of the rapid and sudden growth of their body. Stretch marks are formed when underlying tissue grows faster than the skin layers covering it, causing small tears in the epidermal surface. Scar tissue then proceeds to grow in these tears, creating stretch marks.

Use It During Pregnancy

     Pregnancy is considered as a renowned origin of stretch marks. Using cream during this period will put off as well as eliminate their manifestation. The utilization of topical creams for avoidance might not work in every situation, but not doing anything at all will most likely assure their manifestation. The most excellent time to begin utilizing a stretch mark cream is immediately once you are pregnant.

     You must start applying creams as soon as you start conceiving. This is why it is called Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention, It is important that you should put creams on parts of your body that will most likely develop stretch marks. If your skin is healthy and well-hydrated, stretch marks might not develop. It is advised that you use the creams regularly to maintain the hydration and flexibility of your skin. Even though stretch marks had not appeared yet, it is important to prevent its onset ahead of time.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention (how it works)

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention (how it works)

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention uses the highest quality ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin.

     Revitol's Stretch Mark Prevention Cream contains a powerful combination of concentrated ingredients that help strengthen the skin, improve collagen structure, and increase natural elasticity. This cream penetrates deeply into the skin cell layers and works to improve their elasticity by strengthening the collagen and elastin-rich tissues that are responsible for the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. The product has a rejuvenating effect by stimulating cell growth and production; enhancing skin renewal.

     This product helps to decrease the appearance of existing stretch marks, and is also an effective preventative treatment method for them. Stretch Mark Prevention Cream can be used after pregnancy to eliminate the appearance of stretch marks by stimulating skin renewal.

     I am 40 years old and I didn't believe that Stretch Mark Prevention Cream would work with me during my pregnancy but, actually, it worked really well! I became pregnant very late, and was almost prepared to give up my body because I didn't think my skin would be able to regenerat itself. However I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I can still wear my bikini again without worrying about showing my body! Congrats on this great product!

Stretch Marks Are a Form of Scaring

Stretch Marks Are a Form of Scaring

Stretch Marks Are a Form of Scaring
View How Easy it is To Use Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

View How Easy it is To Use Revitol Stretch Mark Cream



The dermis (inner layer of skin) gets thinner as it stretches and tears.
     We tend to think of stretch mark prevention as something that affect women much more that men but that is just not true. Men are just as likely to get stretch marks as women. It is just that men's stretch marks tend to be covered by hair so are less obvious.

     Even though the skin is amazingly flexible and adaptable it does get to a point where it can no longer stretch any more without showing the signs of wear and tear. Stretch marks occur when skin stretches suddenly. The dermis (inner layer of skin) gets thinner as it stretches and tears. These small tears mean you can see the blood vessels and that is what gives stretch marks their pinky red color. After a period of time the blood vessels contract and the stretch marks get a silvery appearance.

     Stretch marks do not only result due to quick weight rise and fall for those who are obese, it can also manifest due to bodybuilding. The bulking series of a bodybuilder is a period of quick muscle enlargement and weight increase. In view of this, the unattractive blemishing can manifest even if these bodybuilders have a picturesque, well-sculpted body. If you want to go on bodybuilding, it is important that you should begin using stretch mark prevention creams prior to undergoing any training to maintain the elasticity as well as hydration of your skin.

     Also known as striae, stretch marks are not harmful. Some men do not seem to be predisposed to getting stretch marks. Doctors think that is because their bodies overproduce a hormone called corticosteroid. This decreases the amount of collagen a protein in the skin fibers that keep it stretchy. Try to prevent stretch marks before they begin.

Causes of Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are common in:

  • Adolescence when you have periods of fast growth. Not great for teens when appearance is so important.
  • Athletes training bulks up muscle. Stretch marks are very common in weight lifters.
  • In weight loss or weight gain where the skin undergoes rapid changes.

     The same principle of weight gain applies to women during pregnancy and that is why up to 70% of pregnant women get stretch marks.Straie (stretch marks) can also occur as a result of disease. These diseases include Cushing's Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, over use of steroid hormones, and sometimes in diabetes. Stretch mark prevention.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention ReviewA review of the top three stretch mark creams for year 2009. Revitol rated #1
Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention IngredientsRevitol Stretch Mark ingredients 10% Squalene Oil (Olea europeae isolates) Squalene oil is naturally derived from olive oil isolates. It has very strong regenerative properties when used on skin as it is very similar to human sebum (natural skin oils) . So when applied it acts much like a natural protector and stimulates regeneration of the skin surface
Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention FAQRevitol Stretch Mark faq What are stretch marks? What is the best way to use Stretch Mark Prevention cream? When should I start using Stretch Mark Prevention cream? How many times a day do I have to use the Stretch Mark Prevention cream? Is it better to use Stretch Mark Prevention cream before or after taking a shower? How long do I have to wait to wear clothes after using the Stretch Mark Prevention cream
Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention uses the highest quality ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin.

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention

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